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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

New Direction / Advertisments.

Hello readers! Reading the new blog post you might have noticed some of the changes been happening to "Kevin's Blog" Such as the: Share on Myspace, or the Facebook, "Like" All of these features have been added because I am going a different direction with my blogs, We are going to Review: Video Games & Movies. We are going to discuss current events. We may in the future even give away prizes!

The advertisements are NOT there to annoy you. These are here to help fund our hopes of making this blog fun! But they do require clicking, Please click on our advertisements and look at them for a few moments
to help! Clicking will eventually help YOU the reader, win some cool prizes. Thanks for you support!

Don't forget to tell your friends about us. (And be sure to tell them to click the ads! (By Google.)

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