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Becoming A Pro Gamer

I.                    Getting the company to like you:
Easily the most important step to getting a sponsorship. If a company doesn't like you, no matter how good you are, they won’t sponsor you.

1. Proper etiquette over the phone:

I. Using Proper Grammar:

Make sure you use proper grammar when speaking to the company representative (or CR). Proper grammar will allow the CR to better understand what you are saying and will minimize questions or misunderstandings.

II. Speaking clearly:

Speaking clearly also gives the CR, more respect for you. Speaking with a clear audible voice gives you more authority, and the CR will not have to keep asking you to repeat a specific phrase or word. Speaking clearly also shows more confidence, confidence is a big part in winning over the company's sponsorship.

III. Being Polite

Definitely the most important when dealing with a company or symbol of authority. Always use "ma'am" or "sir" when speaking to the CR. Being polite and showing you understand their authority will give them more respect for you.

2. Letting the CR breath

I. Don't Overwhelm the CR

Always make sure not all you are telling them are overwhelming the CR. Try not to talk to fast or to slow, practice what you are going to say before you say it. (This helped me more than anything did; I still remember standing in front of a mirror giving myself a sale's pitch repeatedly.) The CR might get confused if you have not practiced and are jumping from one topic to another.

II. Listen

If you are talking continually and aren't getting a response it may be because the CR doesn't want to be rude and interrupt. Pause between sentences and give them the chance to ask questions. Try to get a response out of them, ask them what they think so far or if they like the idea.

3. Make sure they understand you are not just another sales representative.

I. Don't be a Robot

If you do not put any emotion into your pitch, the CR will not take you seriously. Use your attitude to your advantage and act excited when you talk about how good of a decision this would be if they sponsored you.

II. Small Talk

Always start a conversation or break an awkward moment with small talk. your first five words should always be "Hello ma'am/sir how are you today?" The CR will feel much more comfortable around you and will trust you to follow through with what you are saying.

II. Telling them what they need to know.

1. The growth of MLG

I. Other sponsors

Make sure they know about the large sponsorship of Dr.Pepper and stride. These large companies could be your key to convincing your CR that MLG is a force to be reckoned with. Here is a link for more in-depth information, on the Dr.Pepper sponsorship with MLG, Dr.Pepper, and sponsorship with MLG.

II. How far MLG has come

Tell them how much MLG has grown and how much fame it has received
III. Letting the company know you are their best investment:

This is probably the hardest step to accomplish. You need to build yourself a reputation so they can make sure you are the best selection.


1. Winning

I. Tournaments

If you can try to enroll yourself in any local or online tournaments you can find (the bigger the better). Create your own Resume' on tournaments you have won and attended. Even if you have entered a tournament and lost this still shows you have experience with big tournaments and events.

II. Events

Try to attend as many MLG events as possible before attempting to get a sponsor. The more events you have been to the more likely you will be to get sponsored, playing in an event will help you much more than just attending an event, but they will both do.

2. Dedication

I. you will not give up

Make sure the CR knows minor set backs such as placing low at an event, or losing a teammate will not affect you.

ii. You will always stay optimistic
Do not let the CR think you are just going to feel sorry for yourself if you lose one event. Make sure the CR knows you are going to stay optimistic and try even harder next time.


Obviously the most important when talking to your CR. Make sure they know you are always going to be on top of practice, explain to them you are going to practice for so many hours every day.

IV. Don't take no as an answer

1. Staying on the phone

I. no excuses

Many CRs will have excuses for you. You have to be ready for every single one and stay on the phone until they say yes. I will post a list of popular excuses at the end of this thread and give you common and easy to use answers to keep them on the line.

II. Awkward moments

The worst parts of staying on the phone are the awkward moments. You may feel very un-comfortable answering all of their excuses and keeping them on the line. This is exactly how I felt, but staying on the line pays off much more in the long run.

III. Confidence of their Answer

Make sure you always act as if they've already said yes. Say things like "When you sponsor me" or "After you sponsor me" this will lead the CR to trust you much more. When you are finished with your pitch as well I would suggest you say something like, "so you can sponsor me right? I promise you wont be let down!"

V. Ending your conversations

1.They answer No

I. Don't Give up

If one sponsor says no keep on trying. This is the biggest lesson you have to learn in sales.

II. Stay happy

Say thank you for your time and give them your number just in case they change their mind. I cannot tell you how many times someone said no to me and then called back 10 minutes later.

2. They answer Yes

I. Make sure they know your motives

Tell them they have not made a mistake and that they will not regret this sponsorship. Tell them what events you will be attending as well as who your team is.

ii. Say thank you.

Always say Thank you. Just make sure you do.

iii. Get other info.

Get everything you need from them. This would include resources like their email.


All of this should help you with getting a sponsorship from a small company.

Here is an example Sale's pitch:

Hello, Sir/Ma'am how are you today? That is great to hear! My name is _____ and I am a member of the Major League Gaming Community at MLGpro.com. The Reason I am calling is to ask for a sponsorship. I am very confident I can be the next upcoming pro Halo 3 player and need a sponsor to help me achieve my goals.

You see MLG has grown over the past three years drastically, and is continuing to do so. As the fastest growing competitive sport in the world MLG has signed a very large sponsorship with Dr.Pepper, they have many other large sponsors like Gamespot and Stride gum.

MLG is a very profitable organization and will help your company very much after you sponsor me. I am very confident of my abilities and know that my team and me can go on to win many events. We practice over _ hours every day, and we have been to four MLG events, one of which we participated in and ranked _ place! We have also participated in many tournaments. Such as the ____ Tournament which we won _ place.

My team and I are extremely dedicated as well, we have great chemistry and work very well together, we have lost many games before but never give up. We always keep trying!

Thank you so much for sponsoring my team and me! I promise you will not regret this; we will be attending the _________ event in the year ____.

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