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Monday, August 30, 2010

Book Review: Halo Contact Harvest

Going to keep this review short sense it's a book and I do not want to ruin it for anyone! ^_^'



This book on Halo Focus is mainly on Sgt. Johnson. In the Year 2524 just before the first contact with the Covenant, A not so random mix of different Aliens; But that is another story. Contact Harvest is what was going on when we first made contact with the covenant. In order, it is Contact Harvest, then The Fall of Reach, then The Flood, then First Strike, then Ghosts of Onyx. This book helps put the story in perspective. Moreover, is well worth the Read!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

True Blood - HBO Review

True Blood is the best vampire themed TV series to date, and has been sense it debuted September 7, 2008 - Present!

I like the guru of, True Blood, was a big fan of, Buffy, Angel and other supernatural shows. I love it when the weekend comes around because I know True Blood is gonna be on Sunday Night at 9:00pm EST! Which I have my DVR set to record in-case I am not around. (Heaven forbid I miss an episode!)

Season 1 was exceptional! You either liked, True Blood, then, or you didn't. Think of season one as the pilot season, to show you around, Bon-Temps, LA. It lets you get a feel of the characters and their personalities.

Season two, while seemingly slower then season one, season two dives deeper in to the, True Blood, story. Showing just how out of hand things can get in Bon-Temps, LA. Season two gives you a slight glance in to the characters abilities. It also towards the end of the season set's the stage and pace for season three.

Season Three, the story line explodes with details! Season three really lives up to the pace season 2 set. it brings the seasons together, things start to tie in and makes many more things make sense. It makes the whole long run story make sense while it seems to be setting the stage for season 4! Enjoy fellow Trubies... Happy hunting!