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Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Today I have noticed allot of my friends are either engaged or married. Why is this? It does not make much sense to me. Marriage is great and all but allot of my friends are regretting their choice to get married. I do not know what to think. Right now In my life If I had to I think I could manage but it's not really on my priority list. Though love is, I am very much in love with the girl of my dreams, I'm sorry I believe in love at first touch. That's right I said touch. Love at first sight is silly because the eyes can lie. But a touch is revealing. For the first time in my life everything feels right, this is a whole new experience for me. I once thought I knew all there was to know about dating, but I learned fast that non of what I thought I knew was true. Though It seems I was right all along in what I thought was right, I was just a little misguided and it took me a few relationships and a few mistakes to get to where I am at today. My current girlfriend, she seems to be happy with me. We haven't been going out all that long but it is love, with a chance to be True Love. Only time will tell that, however in the meantime we have allot yet to overcome together as a couple. For one, she lives in a city up from mine. So we cannot see each other as much as we would like. Now I'm not going to say that's killin' it for us, but let's just say it's not helpin, I look at it as a test. A test that I am ready to be over. I am looking forward to our next outing together which is going to be very soon, it seems I am taking her to see the new Twilight: Eclipse, movie, which is exciting. To see her happy is a thrill, maybe we won't sit so close this time. NO FRONT ROW PLEASE. In closing this is just a quick update on some thoughts and relationship progression. Goodnight...

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  1. Distance in any relationship is hard and something that you want to get over as soon as possible. Emotional or otherwise but as long as you have love.. it will hold you together no matter if two feet or two thousand miles seperate you. true love is a wonderful thing to come upon and I hope that you have finally found it. You're a great friend and you deserve nothing but happiness to come your way and I'm glad you've found it with her, whether it turns out to be true love or not.

    btw this is steph but ima post as anonymous.(: