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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

About Me: "Jesse" Lee

Howdy ya'll! I'm "Jesse" Lee the Lee portion of the Crew & Lee team here on this blog and as the title says we will be reviewing the world, no one, nor anything is safe! But before I do that I thought it would be nice if you got to know me a bit first. Crew and I have known each other for years and hit it right off we have pretty much done anything two friends can do together from getting injuries to creating hilarious youtube videos. We agree on most things but differ on some as most friends often do, still we can always find common ground in one thing or another. I myself am a avid Playstation and PC gamer and can find me most of the time on iracing.com or on Playstation 3. In my personal life I am a Stock car driver by passion and paramedic by profession. Both of which are things I love and wouldn't trade for anything in the world. They are rewarding beyond a paycheck, and never get boring. I enjoy automobiles, regardless of make or model, although I must admit I am a fan boy of anything America. I hope to bring you reviews of new automobiles, games, and movies as a standard. Not to mention the countless random things I will no doubt bring to you. I hope you enjoy this blog as much as Crew and myself do and any feedback is much appreciated, we do not fear your opinions or comments! I hope you will find my take on most things funny, and/or sarcastic while at the same time informative. I'm honored I get to write columns here and to have my opinions heard. Finally I feel I must just state that all my reviews are MY opinion and mine only, they do not reflect Crew or blogger.com. Until next time we are Crew & Lee, and we are reviewin' your world....because if we don't...SOMEONE ELSE WILL!

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  1. Welcome aboard bro! This is exciting to write along with you. I'm looking forward to reading your opinions and reviews. This is gonna be great!